There’s something liberating about a place to call your own. You decompress the moment you walk through the door. What a view. What a way to start your day, start a tradition, start meeting and greeting fellow movers and shakers. The following is a preview of proposed amenities. Bring your voice to the vision. What do you need to relax, to meet with clients, to be productive, to celebrate a special occasion, to have a great night out? It’s your club. Have a say!



fine dining PROGRAM


Think of it as having a renowned, almost-personal chef shared exclusively with your guests and fellow members. After all, gourmet gurus like you will share your thoughts on cuisine, architecture and ambience for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Will the METRO CLUB be the place to woo a client over dinner? To celebrate a milestone? Maybe you'd simply like to escape an I-25 commute with excellent fare. Go ahead and dish – we welcome your delicious ideas..





The key to life relaxation in four words: Cocktail & Cigar Bar. Leave the world at the door and let our cocktails and humidor take care of the rest. We’d love to know how you would create the perfect atmosphere to regroup, unwind and light up the night – or day. Tell us what makes for the perfect cigar venue, bar none.



coffee & TEA PROGRAM


Our full-service coffee & tea bar will be everything you would expect from an exclusive club, and more. If you have a high bar for hot beverage quality, share your thoughts. We want to make sure that after a cuppa at METRO CLUB, the corner coffee shop just won’t cut it.





Get ready to move your meetings to the next level. Whether you’re bringing in divisions for a product line roll out or you need to present your company with impeccable style, we will create the spaces you need to support meetings for two, 10, or up to 300 attendees – 400, including our Open Deck.

What’s important to you in creating an unmatched business venue? Share your vision of the ideal meeting space, technology desires and service needs. We want to build the Club that builds your business.





One of the best things about joining METRO CLUB is its sense of destination. Our goal is to surprise and delight our members with entertainment and special celebrations throughout the year. What types of events do you find compelling? Would you like your Club to be a wellspring of inspiration with curated speakers? Would you like seasonal happenings year-round? Share with us the kinds of events that will make Metro your “it” place for entertainment.



Personal Events Venue


There’s only one guideline: only the best will do. We want METRO CLUB to be Greenwood Village’s most coveted destination for luxe weddings and celebrations. Does that mean a sumptuous setting? Stunning views?  We envision accommodations for 300 lucky guests (400, including the Open Deck). What’s your vision of a world class venue? One of the best things about METRO CLUB will be sharing the privilege of membership with those who mean so much to you.




METRO CLUB is affiliated with Club Corp, and they own or operate over 200 clubs nation wide, have a network with 300 more and have privileges in 1000 Hotels, Resorts and Entertainment venues worldwide.  Memberships in METRO CLUB allows you to enjoy club privileges in any of their clubs as your travels may take you. ClubCorp.com